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New exiting news to share! Recently I was contacted by Rabble and was offered to become one of their new ambassadors in Denmark – Hell yeah I do! Rabble is a website where the current promotions get posted online so you can get the most of it. And who loves a good promotion or sale more than me? N-O-B-O-D-Y. So trust me – you’re in good hands.

From now on you can look forward to lots of promotions – both on Rabble.com but also here on the blog, where I personally will tell you about my favorites. Remember! At any time shopping online, you need to check Rabble first to see if there’s a good promotion you could use!

Right now there’s a pretty damn good promo code, where you can get up to 25% off their goodies!* Take a look at the amazing offer on Rabble.dk, and while you’re there – take a look at all the other amazing promotions on Nelly, Hotels.com, Nike and so many others.

*please notice that the promotion may be excluded on some brands or products, but most of them will work