Valentines day is a day where people with boyfriends and girlfriends spend the day together with candles, chocolate, love, hearts, pink, gifts and a billion other stuff. It can be a bit overwhelming i must say! But why not turn it around, and make it an excuse for buying something beautiful for yourself?

It doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend or not. If you are a lucky one, then copy the link to this post and send it as a sweet reminder to your better half. That better half could be your boyfriend, but he isn’t the only one. It could be your BFF, your sister or even your mother. The most important fact is: You deserve a gift!

What to buy

Jewelries are spot on! Golden ones for a more romantic look. Zirconias to show how much she/he/they mean to you. Or combine it? The valentine combo beneath is the ideal gift for every woman. The Valentine combo is at this very moment on sale – perfect!

Necklace (176 kr) / Earrings (280 kr) / Ring (336 kr)



Another obvious choice is lingerie. Make your girlfriend feel special. Buy something for yourself to feel sexy. Choose the safe black version or be sexy and brave and try the dark red option beneath. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or not – lets just cancel all plans and spend the day in nothing else but this. Build your self-esteem by telling yourself (with confidence) that you are sexy.

Red bra / Red briefs / Black bra / Black briefs