In just 5 days I’m turning 18 and then I’m officially legal! How great is that? Not only am I turning 18 on friday, I’m also having my last day of school (this year), hosting a Fridays café at my school, then traveling to Fyn where I will be working out with my gymnastics team – afterwards I will serve them some great birthday cakes made by my grandma (I think they’re gonna love me, whoop whoop) and then eventually I will fall asleep (and live happily ever after).

Though I’m not at home on my birthday we’re still celebrating it – just a few weeks later with the family and one more with my closest friends; Brunch and sweets. It’s going to be great and I’m really looking forward to it!

Oh right – my wishes! Well you can see I’m getting older now that porcelain is on my wishlist – but you have to admit it! It is gorgeous, right? The watches have been on the list for almost six months and I still want the gold one just as bad as in the beginning. The perfume is already mine, but soon it will indeed be empty, so I’m wishing for a new bottle. I’m planning on making this my signature scent, but who knows I might be into something different next year. The sneakers are to die for – lets not talk more of these beauties or I will end up buying them for the money I shouldn’t spend.

What are your current wishes?