Hi guys! Now i’m finally back home after a fantastic and inspirational Copenhagen Fashion Week. If you aren’t so updated on the terms – CFW AW16 means Copenhagen Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016 (and 2017 to be precise). The fashion week in August is called SS – for summer and spring.

It’s been a week full of experiences, both new and known. And I’m proud to say:

Hi I’m Laura, I’m 17 years old and I’ve attended Copenhagen Fashion Week 3 times and been to 15 shows.


What i did this time:

I helped out backstage at the Lala Berlin show as a dresser.
I met sweet Maria who’s blogging at The Fashion Dove, and spent a lot of time with her.
I attended the amazing Barbara I Gongini show, just like last season.
I was at my first “real” event, with Dyrberg/Kern jewelries.
I visited Hvisk’s showroom and bought some gorgeous jewelries now I had the chance.
I visited Revolver, which is a fashion fair with lots of new and well known brands.
I attended the Fashion Hong Kong show – first time I had a chair that was reserved just for me.
I got my first street style photo taken (though I do not know who took it or if it’s online).
I attended and helped out backstage at the Mark Tan show, and by helping I mean cleaning up afterwards.
I managed to go to the wrong location as I was about to see Peter Schamauns show.
I attended the Federico D’Angelo show, where I had both my own seat AND got an amazing goodiebag!
I met 4 lovely girls from the online magazine Up To Style from Hungary. And I spent the rest of the day with them. Including spending time at the business lounge where they got me in (tricky, but not impossible).
I attended Nicholas Nybro’s show, and once again I got a seat (which btw is a huge deal if you hadn’t noticed already).

No doubt that my feet hurts so badly even though i wore sneakers most of the time, because i walked 9 km wednesday and nearly 17 km thursday – and i biked about 10 km too. I’m tired and exhausted but I’m also filled with passion and inspiration! And not to forget – a hunger for more fashion weeks! Thinking of Stockholm next.. but we’ll see about that, won’t we?