On the styling: Sunrise zirconia necklaceWhite pearls trio ear studs – White pearl trio ringWhite pearl single ring

Another week another styling challenge from Hvisk – this time it was all about the primary colors; blue, red and yellow. If you’re a regular here on Stinus it you’ll know that I absolutely love colors, så of course I was stoked about the theme. But it isn’t just me, who is in love with the primary colors – the fashion world is too.

Yellow is being brought back to the fashion world, preferably in a bright and almost neon tone. A yellow top can brighten up the day – and yellow actually does make people smile more often than other colors. You might wanna try that out! Blue is and always will be in style – as long as denim is in style too it’s almost certain. Blue is a safe color so even if you don’t normally wear colors you can wear blue because it’s calm and neutral. Red is one of the risky colors. It’s sexy and attracts a lot of attention, but if you’re cool with that red is your all time favorite. Some might say that a little black dress is always a safe choice, but actually red is too. You just have to try it once and you’re sold!

The results are as you can see. I decided not only to do one collage with one color but to do all three of them as they make a great team.

Which collage is your favorite?

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On the styling: Hypnotize bracelet Spiky look earringsCircle triple wire ringTwist it forty ring


On the styling: Drake ear studsDrake necklaceWide ribbon ring polished – Extra wide ribbon ring polished