1. Coffee and Illum rooftop

On the first day of fashion week I met up with Charmaine Lago for an ice coffee at Café Norden. We planned out our day and then went to Illum rooftop to shoot some pictures with the Copenhagen sky line in the background. We also stepped by the Original Coffee placed on Illum rooftop. I interviewed one of the baristas for an upcoming article for a blog from New York. I'll make sure to share the link with you. As we just had coffee we moved on pretty quickly to our next stop, where we met up with Alma Spies.

2. Lunch at Bistro Royal

After hunting the city down in search for a completely white wall for Charmaines Instagram photos, we ended up at Bistro Royal for lunch. It's located near Kongens Nytorv and the food was great. I had a cheese burger with fries and let me just tell you - these were the best fries I've ever had

3. Fashion as Art

The first event of the day was the Fashion As Art event hosted by Tanía Sørhus. It included fabulous fashion photography by Omi, designer clothing by Animalistic (a brand I admired at last seasons fashion fair) and music by Danni ElmoDaniel RosenfeldtMads Engelhardt & Omar Lye-Fook. Amazing location: Bar25 in the centre of Copenhagen with an inspiring  mirror wall. 

5. Fan Out #3

I said goodbye to the girls and went to my next event; Fan Out #3. I met up with Greta from UpToStyle and we experienced the creative and edgy creations from both new and established designers together. Afterwards we shot my outfit, which you can see here.

6. Lala Berlin

Afterwards I attended the first show of the week: Lala Berlin. As always an amazing show - Leyla really knows what she's doing. She creates collections with wearable clothing, trendy but also timeless styles, a theme used as an inspiration, not as a boundary - all in all perfect. And oh! The theme of this season was "I AM JUNGLE". Fringes, jungle leaves and green were some of the returning points. 

7. Henrik Vibskov

The last show of the day was Henrik Vibskov, an always interesting show and this year with a butcher/salami theme. The show venue at Halmtorvet was SO crowded. I mean extremely. I don't know whether Vibskov let too many people get invites or they just didn't expect people to show up, but it was insane. Me and my friend Maria were the last ones to "get in" (the show was outside and by "get in" I mean getting our invites checked and then standing really really close to everyone around us.) I couldn't even see the clothing properly and most of the time I couldn't actually see anything except from when we were recording videos to snapchat. My feet and legs hurt so badly when the show was over and I just wanted to lay down on the ground to relax. I was so tired you can't even imagine! But by now my day was over - I was way too tired for any afterparties so I just went home.

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