One of my last shows during fashion week was the Federico D’Angelo show on friday. It was inspired by the 1920’s and the army women vs. farmer women. There were leather, silk and cotton as the bearing elements. I was absolutely in love with the red leather jacket with some really cool details.

During the show there were some kind of “acting” going on. The army women had guns with them on the runway and “shot” and “slapped” the farmer girls. It wasn’t real or authentic at all, but that’s okay because it worked!

This was one of my favorites because of the story and the style. It had it all. History but yet modern and with styles I would wear! My only criticism goes on the fact that many of the styles looked the same, so i felt like I was seeing the same styles over and over again. But that’s a minor problem when everything else was just spot on. Check out my favorite looks below and tell me, don’t you just love it too?

My favorite looks

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