Another show I was so so so lucky to attend during cps fashion week, was the Mark Tan show. A really sweet and kind (and of course talented) man, who has a extremely high pitched voice for a man.

I helped out backstage, mostly afterwards though which gave me time to actually watch the whole show. With all the cleaning and tidying up to do they really needed an extra hand or two, and I was thrilled to get a chance to work with them.

The clothing was absolutely beautiful. Classy, businesslike and yet sexy. A perfect blend if you ask me, and completely in Mark Tans spirit. A tiny thing was the incredible Louboutin stilletos. The models simply couldn’t walk in those high needle thin heels. Okay, i mean half of them could and the other half were struggling. One of the girls even fell on the floor, and I really hope she didn’t hurt her ankles cause it looked really harsh.

favorite looks

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