Hola chicas! 

I’ve just checked in at my hotel called Hostal Tarifa after spending the whole day traveling with the rest of my class. Such a long, but great, day. I thought i would show you my traveling day through my many many instagram pics. Seriously – it’s like +10 insta pics in one day… and a pile of snaps on snapchat… It could be illegal, haha!

Tomorrow it’s time for me to experience Tarifa on my own! We had an pizza for dinner, so I’m really looking forward to more food! And OH! I have to remember to buy water! I’m SO thirsty right now, but since I don’t have any water, and I can’t drink the water from the zink – i sill have too survive another night.

Okay, lets get to it!

If you wanna follow my trip you can do it on both Snapchat (@stinusit) and Instagram (@stinusit)

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