Today I’d like to show you some stylings for Hvisk, but this time the stylist behind isn’t me. Actually there are two stylists. Wanna know what the jewelries are called? Just click the images, and it’s done.


She is one of Hvisk’s best stylist and she has the gift to constantly come up with new brilliant ideas for stylings. I envy here so much for that! She is often chosen as stylist of the week because of her amazing stylings. ByKrog, aka Cecilie Krog, also has her own blog – very suitable called Take a look at some of her stylings below, or take a look at her stylist profile here.

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Julie Degn has a blog too. It’s called Firgursyet, and you can find it right here. Julie is a lovely red head with an eye for details. She really nails those stylings created with only a magazine and Hvisk jewelries. It’s kind of her expertise – in my opinion at least. See for your self on her stylist profile.

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And at last – Olivia Rutt. She has this edgy look, which also reflects on her stylings. They’re edgy, but not too much. She has won the weekly challenges a lot of times, where  she simply blows us away with her aesthetic pictures. Her stylings are connected by the power of her personal style. If thats not the way a stylist works, I don’t know anything! And did I mention that she has her own brand og accessories? Find out more here. Check out her stylist profile here.

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