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Hi guys – finally a little time for blogging again! Oh my god… Last week I spent every single day at school, then sleeping 1-2 hours and then musical practise until half past 11 pm. I gotta tell you – it’s pretty damn hard for a girl who’s used to sleeping at least 8 hours a night, ending up only sleeping 5 or 6 hours. But it all ended up great, because our premiere with the musical on thursday night went so good! So thrilled!

But hey – lets get back to today topic. Hvisk, my favorite jewelry brand (and probably your fave too) have just launched a new collection of pearl-jewelry with the danish blogger Marie Jedig as the model. Isn’t she beautiful? And as for the jewelries – I’m in love!


White pearls tend to get a little too pretty and perfect for my outfits, where I think the purple ones will match just fine. They are a bit more “rough” and not nearly as “perfect” as the white ones. Not saying you can’t use the purple ones for a classic outfit, actually they go with everything  in my opinion. I’ve created two outfits for you so you can see how to style them.

Jewelries on the stylings: Purple Pearls Single Ring Gold / Purple Pearls Ear Jacket GoldPurple Pearls Single Ring Grey Rhodium / Purple Pearls Ear Studs Medium Grey Rhodium