Hi guys! Happy monday, I hope you’ve enjoyed the day (mine included lots of sun, yay!) and now you better be ready for som fashionspo! (that’s a new word for fashion-inspo I just made up, it’s yours to use… or to get rid of in this instance… I would do the last thing if I were you)

Mulberry – the british fashion brand who creates the best bags and purses! But for the fashion part? Well… They haven’t held a fashion show in the last two years caused by lack of a new creative director – but they found a guy who’s perfect for the brand. Johnny Coca. And boy what he did! He redesigned the brand but with integrity and with the british roots in mind.

Previously Coca was the accessories designer for Céline, and if you’ve seen his work you knew it would work out perfectly – or at least the accessories part, but actually the fashion part succeed as well. The punk vibes gave Mulberry a whole new start and it brought the brand back into the top! Well done Coca!

If you’re interested in seeing the whole collection then click here.


shop the look below:


shop the look below: