Jewelries on the stylings: Triumph ring grey rhodium

Jewelries on the styling: Bubble ring gold and turquoise, Basic wonder ring gold and ring from Museums jewelry

Hey guys, today it’s all about Hvisk once again. Actually a post is coming up tonight as well. Those first two pics above are regular stylings. But the one beneath is a styling created from a styling challenge.

First up, the regular stylings. I tried to style the jewelries a bit more party-like than my regular everyday looks. By adding a white blazer and red lips, the look is suddenly more formal. Hair up or down is up to you, but personally I think that the undo makes is even more formal, where my loose curly hair makes it mores fresh and party-like. Don’t you think?

 And now, the styling challenge! The challenge was all about trends and inspiration. So my mood board beneath was to collect keywords and imaged that expressed my inspiration. The trends I think we’re gonna see in the next season is colorful patterns – an a lot of them – both graphic and organic. Red lips and stripes is a trend for life time, classics you can’t live without. The graphic touch is actually more a trend based on photography. So basically I’ve tried to collect all of these thoughts into one portrait, where the Hvisk jewelries should also be presented. quite a challenge, but I think I managed. It might not be as perfect as I would like it to be, but it’s there!

Which styling is your favorite?

trend and inspo

Pictures from: Pinterest, Nemesisbabe.dk and Sonja Lovdaltrendinspographic7

Jewelries on the styling: Wave ring gold, Wave single zirconia silver, Basic wonder ring gold and Bubble ring gold and turquoise