At this very moment I am located on the island Gozo, Malta. In a few hours we’ll be on our way to explore Valetta, the capital city of Malta. Travel tips are on their way, stay tuned! Right now I thought I would show you my new stylings. They have quite the holiday vibe as they were taken by the pool in 30 degrees with the sun shining.

From silver to gold

These jewelries are my favorites at the moment so of course I had to bring them with me to Malta. Gold is such a good match for everything – or at least that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Me, a former silver-rhodium girl now a gold lover. Not sure how or when it happened but I’m sure Hvisk had something to do with it. The Osiris pendant, the Evil Eye ring and oh, lets not forget the Emoji collection. They convinced me that gold is just as pretty as rhodium is raw and cool.

Okay enough of me chit-chatting – enjoy the stylings! As always, the jewelries on the stylings are listed below the picture, including affiliate links directly to the item on Hvisk. You can also click the picture and you’ll be directed to my styling page on Hvisk where you can like and follow my stylist page and wee all my stylings.


Chain / Osiris Pendant / Wave ring gold / Evil Eye ring gold / Triumph ring


Chain / Osiris Pendant / Expressionless Pendant / Letter Pendant X


Triumph ring / Wave ring gold / Evil Eye ring gold


Chain / Letter Pendant X / Expressionless Pendant / Osiris Pendant

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