Even though knits have been quite a trendy item lately, it is indeed a classic item too. It’s an item that’s coming and going, but trust me – it’ll always end up as a trend again. So buy one in a good quality and save it until you’re 90. I can guarantee you, it will be your favorite item in the closet.


1 – red knit / 2 – striped knit / 3 – turtleneck / 4 – cable knit


Jeans are jeans. You gotta have at least one pair. If money wasn’t a problem I would invest in a pair of each of these. Boyfriend, Skinny, Ripped skinny, white, blue and preferably a pair of mom jeans too (they’re just so comfy!)


1 – loose blue / 2 – ripped black / 3 – skinny white / 4 – normal waist skinny


A basic tee or a shirt can really save the day. Outfit crisis its just not fun, you know what I mean, right? Even though a simple tee may be a bit booring for some people, I really love it as a everyday look. I love the striped blouse – so me, so classic and so cosy. A winner!


1 – striped / 2 – shirt / 3 – tee / 4 – v-neck


The little black dress is the ultimate party look. It’s classy, sexy and stylish. By adding some mesh or look-through pieces to the dress really makes it more exiting. I found some different styles, some more sexy than others.


1 – fringes / 2 – skater / 3 – sexy / 4 – classy