Well, there might have been silence on the blog – but but but – that doesn’t mean silence in my life. Actually it means the opposite! Practicing with the musical crew, working (a lot), school stuff, gymnastics and oh, right – an epileptic seizure. Sooo as you can hear, I haven’t had that much time for blogging.

I’m leaving for Spain with my class in a few days which means I’m starting to pack my bags and try to write as many lists as possible to prevent forgetting something. That’s so me. As I wrote here I will spend the two first days in Tarifa alone and then join my class for the rest of the week.

If the blog will be updated? Yes! Or I hope so. I will bring my computer and camera so lets hope I remember to fill you guys in on my adventures (or whatever they are). I’ll see you guys soon!

Btw, I still have a bunch of photos from fashion week yet to be published so stay tuned!