Hola from Tarifa!

Here in Tarifa I’m staying at the Hostal Tarifa, which is really great! (booked through It’s located fairly centered, on one of the main streets (= no spooky little street at night) and fairly close to the beach. Last mentioned is my favorite spot. I mean hello! It’s hot, sunny, a bit windy and has a great wibe.

I woke up, took a shower and then I went to the outside of the city (Tarifa isn’t that big) and ate my breakfast at Surla café. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee and italian – so basically everything you could ever dream of. And this is where many of the surfers hang out, before they hit the waves. I ordered a manchado (macchiato) and crepes con helado (thin and crispy pancakes with ice cream) because I’ve really craved them, since arriving in Spain. And since my mother isn’t here to tell me what to eat I though – why not? (sorry mom, but hey – I wasn’t like that all day).

Skærmbillede 2016-03-12 kl. 17.23.25

Then I spent several hours just walking from one end of the beach to the other. The beach is huge! Like really huge! I met a man who told me that the beach doesn’t end until it reaches another little city called Bolonia. I couldn’t even see the end through the lense of my camera, which can zoom a lot. It was quite windy but as soon as the sun barged through at 12 am it was perfect. Not many were to find on the beach, probably because it was friday (working day) and because the temperatures weren’t that high (not as high as today anyway). Do yourself a favor and visit the little island (connected to Tarifa with a bridge) – on the picture below. Not much to see on the Island, but the view is amazing. And Morocco is a bit more visible.

Skærmbillede 2016-03-12 kl. 18.06.05

Of course I spent some time exploring the old city – the center of the city – which were so historical and yet modern. Lots of small streets, lots of small boutiques and lots of places to eat. I ended up at a place called La Jara, ordered the menu of the day – including a drink, a starter, a main and a dessert for only 12 euros. Quality? Not terrific.. It was medium fine i guess. Not recommending it, but I was full and happy when I left.


I spent the siesta at the hotel, because I was tired and needed to get out of the sun. But as soon I finished a movie, I jumped into my bikini and “ran” to the beach. I had promised myself that I should in the sea at least once. And O M G. Thank god I only said one time, because that water was just as cold as Denmark haha. Well, it was awesome but cold.

For dinner I went through the whole city, but almost everything was closed. Spanish people usually eats around 9-11 pm but me and my stomach couldn’t wait for that. So after looking at an endless amount of closed restaurants or simply restaurants with too expensive menus, I decided to eat some Japanese at the restaurant FUBUKI Sushi. I ended up with the most delicious rice nudel dish which left me SO full. I recommend it a thousand times – and it only costed about 8 euros! WIN!

Looking forward to sharing the next day with you guys! See ya!