All we’ve heard about this week on every single social media channel is the annual Met Gala. And of course I was thrilled when the outfits were revealed. This years theme for fashion estate exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met) was: Manus x Machina: Fashion in an age of technology – so you can imagine what the exhibition must have looked like: Futuristic couture from the best couture houses in the fashion industry. It was shiny, shimmery, edgy and innovative – but all done with thoughts on another time; #Throwbacks are the shit in fashion, you know! But not everything was robot-like – some items were also focused on being eco friendly and sustainable.

05-met-presentation 10-met-presentation

As every other fashion interested woman would, I’ve created my own “best -” and “worst dressed” lists. The best dressed list is luckily a bit longer than the worst dressed, and I could’ve added a bunch more – but not today. If you’re interested in seeing all of the gorgeous dresses from the red carpet, take a look at Vogues gallery here. For now lets just enjoy the pretty dresses and frown a bit when looking at the “unlucky” attempts.


There was a lot of great dresses but few really took my breath away. Karlie Kloss – the amazing supermodel and supercoder/nerd – dressed in a long slim fit gown with cut-outs. Her dress was covered with a little white cape when she arrived, then she transformes into this and then for the afterparty the dress was simply cut into a short sexy dress. How brilliant was that? Jourdan Dunn – again a supermodel who can dress to impress even the queen. She even had her hair match with her silver dress, in which she looked spacey and maybe even a bit like a space-knight? A really amazing outfit – both sexy, astounding and mindblowingly beautiful dress. Last but not least my favorite of them all. Not totally by the look of the look but by the thought and execution of it. Emma Watson – actress, model and activist. Her dress is actually not a dress but a bustier, pants and a long train. AND! It was all made sustainably! Every part of the gown is environmentally friendly: The zippers were made from recycled materials, the bustier was woven from organic cotton, and the organic silk in the lining was crafted “to the highest environmental standards” – according to I’m thrilled to see one of Hollywoods biggest star actually trying to make a difference!


Oh well oh well… Selena – you looked like a school girl gone emo and not in a fashionable way unfortunatly. Dakota – stars in colors? Nope.. It looks like a five year-olds drawing of space. Cute but not a look for The Met Gala. Jemima – the dress is actually okay, but her make-up? Never do a pink blush on your eyes – it seems like you’ve cried or had been hit by someone. Not a good look. Saoirse – the feathers look like they were added i the last minute because the dress wasn’t enough by it self. Michelle – it looks like the dress is wrong in propositions. And it looks a bit like Selenas school girl gone emo-look. Amy – the dress is actually not that bad, but the neckline cut is not for you. She could’ve worn so many other beautiful dresses but no.. Diane – I don’t know what to say but no.