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Italy is magical. The cobble stone roads, the gelato and the scenery will have you smiling. Because Italy is the perfect place to be romanced by the people, the culture, the food and the views.

When I travel, I always take a few essentials with me. Traveling can be long and difficult, so it is comforting to have a few ‘must haves’ to make your time enjoyable. As simple as these might seem, I had to have these 5 items on my trip to Italy. It made the adventure that much smoother.

1. Headphones

Yes, headphones. I’m not talking about the cheap ones that come with your iPhone or the ones given to you on the plane. I am suggesting very, very good quality headphones. I personally use Sony headphones from Walmart. It cost me about $20 American dollars, and it’s one of the best travel purchases that I’ve made. Buy yourself a good pair of headphones for those long train trips and droaning out the snoring in the hostel.

2. A Blogger Hat

The traveler’s hat is the coolest prop for your travel photos. It doesn’t have to be an expensive hat, but it has to be a snazzy hat. I bought my hat from Forever 21 for $15 American dollars, and we took a bunch of fun photos with it.


3. A Sturdy Purse

A travel purse is not a normal purse. Before I go to someplace like Italy (that is known for pickpockets), I always find the perfect purse to hold my prized possessions. The purse needs to be a crossbody and zip. Always walk with the purse in front of you with you hand on the zipper. I almost got pick pocketed TWICE in Italy. It happens, so watch out.

4. Camera

No travel experience is complete without my Canon DSLR or GoPro. Taking photos of my travel locations is the best experience for me. It encourages me to look at a building differently, look for extreme color and not be afraid to sit on the ground for an epic photograph. I personally believe the new iPhone takes amazing photo and video. If all you have is a camera phone, use it to capture these special moments.

Lake Garda

5. Google Maps

It’s not physical, but it’s essential. Download the Google Map app onto your smartphone before you take off to Italy. Google Maps allows you to download city maps as “offline.” This is super helpful, and I highly suggest these maps over any maps you will find in the information office. Google Maps is how I navigated Italy.

With these five tips, I believe you are ready for your Italian adventure. I fell in love with Italy’s roads, colorful doors and wine. (The wine was amazing!) Italy offers countless cities and

landscapes to enjoy. When you plan your Italian trip, I suggest Verona, Perugia and Lake Garda on your must see list.


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5 musthaves for italy