On March 10 I’m going to the airport, where I will be traveling to Spain with my classmates. First up is Malaga, where we’ll only stay for like a few hours or so. Then we’re off to Tarifa – the most southern city in Europe, before we hit Africa. The rest of my classmates will go to Morocco (Tetouan) but I am staying in Tarifa. Why? Well because of my epileptics, my insurance is only valid in Europe, and no further… That’s a big bummer but at least they’re only going to stay in Morocco for 2 days, and then we will travel to Seville together.


But, let’s not focus on the negatives! Because HEY – I get to spend 2 days by my self in Tarifa! I’m so stoked and I can’t wait! Tarifa is apparently a kite surfer city with fantastic beaches and turquoise water. I don’t know if I will learn to kite surf but I’m sure I will spend quite some time at the beach! It might not be super hot, but it will certainly be a lot warmer than Denmark. 20 degrees celcius? Fine by me!!


All I know right now is that I’ll be staying at the hotel called Hostal Tarifa. So if you know anything about Tarifa, hit me! Even if it’s just about where to buy socks, haha. Btw I found these photos when I researched a bit about Tarifa – it made me wanna go even more!

List of tips so far (the list will be updated)

I found a lot of good stuff on Progression and TarifaDirect

El Lola (tapas restaurant)

Wet Café (brunch and lunch)

La Tribu (pizza and more)

Surla Tarifa (italian, brunch and sushi)

Mandrágora Tarifa (restaurant)

iZUMO (smoothie and juice bar)

Vaca Loca (steak restaurant)