Trendspotting pins, PATCHES and badges

Long time no see – but I’m back! Summer vacation has officially begun and my exams are over, how great is that?

You’ve probably already seen it, but maybe you didn’t really notice it as a trend at first. A new trend is upon us: Pins, patches and badges on denim items. Put them on in order or patch them on in one big mash-up. It’s your choice and your chance to personalize your trendy outfit.

This trend has been seen all over the world, from street style to the runway of Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana. I’m thinking about rocking the trend for CPH fashion week this summer. Might get a bit too hot, but stylish before practical, right?

But where do I buy these pins, patches or badges? I got your back! Posts about denim jackets and where to buy the best pins, patches and badges are coming in a few!

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Trendspotting pins, PATCHES and badges2