faces inspo

Something that always inspires me is faces. I love faces. It’s the expressions. It’s the eyes. It’s the differences from one to another. But most of all it’s the personality and the stories behind the face. You can see and understand so much from just looking at one.

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t listen or judge people on their looks. No, the opposite. Being open to new people and their stories really makes a difference. You can listen, you can feel what they feel and you can understand. The fact is that we tell a story with our faces. So take a look and understand what they’re really saying, not just hearing what their mouth is speaking.

You can wear make-up or not, that actually doesn’t mean that much to me. You are still you. I like not wearing any make-up at all, cause that’s when I feel the most like myself. With a party going on on my face, I’m still me, but I’m not expressing what I wan’t to. Some people wear make-up to feel like themselves – despite what I do myself, I can understand them. Their story and their mind tell us why, even though it isn’t up to everyone else to discuss.

I firmly believe that revealing your face is revealing your soul. If there’s something you want to hide, you conceal it, whether it’s the face or the soul we’re talking about. I’m not telling you to stop wearing make-up at all times or to reveal your clean face to every single person you meet – no. I’m telling you to reveal your face and your soul to the people you trust and those you want to trust you. If you can’t be a blank canvas, be yourself, in front of your closest friends or family, who else do you have to rely on?

Make-up is good – it’s great actually! And I think there’s a lot of great qualities and possibilities to it. But. There’s always a but, isn’t there? You shouldn’t hide yourself in concealing and conturing a “fake beauty”. The beauty is you. Only you. As you were born.

So love those freckles, even though some might comment them. Love that red hair, even though some may pick on you for it. Love your imperfect teeth, even though some might tease you for them. Love that hair, even if it doesn’t always go your way. Love every single edge of YOU. Someday, if not already, someone will end up loving it all. Loving all of you. If you don’t love you – how can you expect someone else to?

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