Petra Veikkola - interior (3 of 1)

Welcome back! As you might have noticed, I’ve been missing in action on the blog, and the site has had an “under construction” page instead. Well now I’m ready to welcome you to Stinus it again. Some changes has been made – not only regarding the layout, but also as to the topics on the blog. I have narrowed the topics I’m writing about, and keeping everything that doesn’t really fit in away from Stinus it.

From now on my main categories will be Fashion (including fashion weeks, new campaigns or collections, steal style, how to style and trendspotting posts), Hvisk (including new stylings, promotions, new collections and how to style posts) and at last Travel (including guides for various cities and countries, a category I hope to grow sooner or later).

I hope you will enjoy the new site and the new features. As to the old posts that doesn’t really fit in – they will still be on the site but they will fade into the background. Soon I will also launch a newsletter. How, when and what? I’ll tell you more soon!

Petra Veikkola - interior (2 of 1)